Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Beautiful Weekend

We sure are enjoying this beautiful weather.  On Friday I took Rosie and Simon out to Dillon Beach to play.  It was warm, not too breezy, and there were plenty of Poochie Woochie friends to play chase with.  It is always fun to watch all the interaction.  Dillon Beach is really a nice place for dogs to play.  It is mostly flat, and the waves will not sweep your puppies away.  They can run and splash all they want.  Although, Rosie likes to wash her frisbees when they get full of sand, so I do have to chase them down before a wave carries them away. 

The picture is of Flash that I took with my cell phone on another trip to the beach.  He was taking a break from digging a hole, and watching everyone else play.  He didn't sit with me for very long.  He had to get back to the action.

Today I took Rosie and Simon out to Armstrong Woods in Guerneville for a nice walk among the Redwoods.  It was so peaceful there.  I loved seeing all of the giant trees, all of the color variations on their bark, and there was a nice babbling brook.  Rosie and Simon liked all of the new smells and new sights. 

There are so many lovely places in our area to walk Poochie Woochies, so I try to venture away from our normal stomping ground from time to time.  We love Ragle Park and the long trails in the back, but right now, with all of the rain this year, they are too sloppy to walk on, so we have to walk on the roads in the front.  I like to change our walks fairly often.  I know it sounds silly, but I think dogs get bored just like we humans do.  I like to make staying with me an adventure for them.  That's why they are so happy to see me when I pick them up.  They know they are going to have fun.

We have one more day to enjoy before the rain starts again.  Where will we go this time........?  That will be my little secret for now.  The puppies are fast asleep for the evening.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Walking At Shollenberger Park

The other day I went down to Petaluma for an appointment.  The Poochie Woochies went with me, of course.  I always like to go to different parks to walk in so that nobody gets bored sniffing the same smells every day.  I hadn't gone to Shollenberger Park in awhile.  The last time I was there was before the rainy season.  After 3 years of drought, the marsh was almost dried up back then.  If you don't know about Shollenberger Park, try it out.  The rains this year have filled it back up.  There is a marsh full of all kinds of birds.  My favorite birds are the swans, the red winged blackbirds, the igrids, and the blue herons.  There is a wonderful path that is over a mile long, I think, that goes around the marsh.  There is another path that goes all the way over to the Sheraton Inn.  It is a very relaxing and beautiful walk.  Enjoy!  But if you can't take your dog for a walk, because you work long hours, I am here for you to make sure your baby doesn't sit alone all day.  Happy Spring!  Punkie and Rosie

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It Is Nice To Be Loved

I went to pick up Harry, who is a little Welsh Terrier, on Friday.  When I knock on the door, I know that Harry will be waiting for me on the other side with a smile on his face, tail wagging, and so ecstatic to see me that he jumps straight in the air to greet me.  His mommy tells me that I am Harry's favorite person in the whole wide world.  He doesn't worry about them leaving on their trips, because he knows he gets to go on a trip of his own to my house.  When I open the door, he practically flies to my car he is running so fast.  He knows he will get to go to the beach so that he can run at full speed, go for walks in the park, and dig for gophers in my yard.  Harry has a huge yard to run in at home, but his mommy tells me that he won't play out there by himself, so he is more than ready to run when he gets to my house.  I can never be depressed while Harry is by my side.  His eyes are filled with such adoration.  Who could ask for anything more?  It is nice to be loved.