Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm Losing My First Poochie Woochie Friend

I've cried buckets of tears when I heard of Callie's passing.   I can only imagine the agony Susan and Gib are going through.  Callie will always be special to me, because her owner was the first person who trusted me with their baby.  She was  over 12 when I started pet sitting for her, but she still had plenty of energy to run in her big yard.  She liked walks in Ragle Park, or going to the beach, and car rides.  She liked running with Rosie.  When she started losing weight and slowing down, we knew her time with her beloved owners was coming to an end.  I knew one day I would get the news that Callie was no longer with us.  That news is always hard to hear, but I will always have my memories of my times with her.  Please pray for the owners, and wish Callie well as she crosses the Rainbow Bridge.  God Bless, Punkie and Rosie
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