Thursday, December 2, 2010

2011 San Francisco Bay Pet Expo

I was reading a great book about the dog world called One Nation Under Dog. That is where I first heard about these pet expos. It is free and you can take your pet with you. I guess, according to the book, you can find everything under the sun you will ever need or want, or anything anyone can dream up for their poochie woochies. This year it is being held at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds on Feb. 26th, 2011. Mark your calendars now if you want to attend this event. I think I may try to go to it to see all of the crazy things people have decided we, as pet owners, and our beloved pets, just can't live without. I think it will be great to see all of the pet owners with their poochie woochies. I'm not sure I will take my Rosie. I think it would be too overwhelming for her, but, then again, just think of all of the free treats companies will be giving out to try to get your business. It should be a poochie woochie's day in heaven. Keep it in mind for something to do in the middle of winter. There should actually be some good information passed out and plenty of things to do. I haven't looked at the agenda yet. I was just so excited that I got the email about one of the expos coming to our area that I had to pass on the website immediately, before I forgot. If you do go, I hope you and your poochie woochies have a wonderful time.