Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Ending For Sassy

Earlier, I told you about one of my clients who lost her kitty down the storm drain of her new apt.  The kitty wouldn't come out.  She went exploring, instead.  Later, the apt. complext manager told my friend that they had seen her kitty playing with another kitty on the playground, so at least she was still alive, and well.  She had just decided that being a feral cat was more fun.  In the meantime, my friend had gotten a new kitty, Shadow, because she couldn't bare to be without a kitty, and she had rescued the kitty from the shelter.  By this time a couple of months had gone by.  Well, the other night, Sassy, the wayward kitty decided she had had enough of being a feral cat, so she came back home to my friend's bedroom window and started meowing to be let in.  As soon as my friend opened the sliding glass door, Sassy ran in straight to the food bowls and chowed down.  She had lost a bit of weight on her adventure.

The only problem is that my client had gotten a new kitty, and they don't like each other.  They did actually both sleep on her bed though, so I have hope for them.  Now while my client is at work, the kitties will have company whether they like it or not. 

I am just so happy that Sassy decided to come home.  She is a lovely, shy kitty who loved her mistress very much.  Now my client has 2 kitties to love.  At this time in her life, that is exactly what she needs. 

Don't you just LOVE happy endings?  I know I do.  Punkie

Friday, June 22, 2012

I Want To Share A Poem With You About A Cat

Before working with poochie woochies and kitty cats, many years ago, I worked with small children, in the private sector, as well as being a teacher in the public school system.  Along the way to getting my education I took a Language Arts class for preschoolers.  Our teacher asked us to make a collection of children's poetry.  I enjoyed this assignment so much.  I collected over 90 poems and kept going on my own.  I even started writing my own children's poems to add to my collection.  Unfortunately, as has happened to so many people's things, they get lost somewhere in the moves.  But, since we have cats, and I take care of cats, this one poem has always stuck in my head, and is one of my favorites.  Any of you who own kitties will understand this poem completely.  I hope it gives you a laugh, and cheers you up if you are down.  I hope it reminds you of all of your kitty friends that have come in and out of your life through the years.  Enjoy.

My Cat, Mrs. Lick-A-Chin, by John Ciardi

Some of the cats I know about
spend a little time in and a lot of time out
Or a lot of time out and a little time in
But, my cat, Mrs. Lick-A-Chin,
Never knows where she wants to be.

If I let her in she looks at me and begins to sing that she wants to go out.
So I open the door and she looks about, and begins to sing, "Please let me in."

Poor Mrs. Lick-A-Chin!
The thing about cats, as you may find, Is that no one knows, what they have in mind
And I'll tell you something about that: 
No one knows it less than my cat. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kitty Litter Recommendation

As a pet sitter, I scoop up a lot of kitty litter.  Most people buy the clumping kind which works pretty good, but it still leaves behind dust and gets tracked all over the place.  I have found 3 kinds that work good, don't smell, and don't leave dust in the air.  I may have mention a kitty litter you can get at Costco.  I can only remember that it starts with the word Purrfect.  Then I saw another kind that was made out of sawdust.  It works, but it does get tracked out of the litterbox.  The third kind is called Swheat Scoop.  It is made with wheat.  It absorbs, clumps, and doesn't get tracked very far out of the litterbox, and it doesn't leave a smell or dust in the air.  It can be found at Safeway.  Give it a try and see what you think.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stella, Nina, and Minxy, Eva, Mister, and Kitten

Take The Picture, Already.  I Can't Sit Still Forever.
Nina All Snuggled In Her Bed
This week I am pet sitting for 2 poochie woochies, Nina and Stella, and their kitty cat sisters, Minxy, Eva,  and Kitten,and their brother Mister.    They are a lovely group.  I have to take a picture of Kitten and add her to our new friends on the front page of my website.  Her sisters and brother are already in the photo album.  I like to feature any new kitty cat or poochie woochie that joins our growing family of four legged friends.  I walk Nina and Stella a couple of days a week.  They are the pair, for sure.  They are chihuahua size, but this morning, Stella, who is so little, was ready to take on a German Sheppard.  I wonder if Stella has looked in the mirror lately to see how small she really is.  It doesn't matter.  In her mind, she could take the Sheppard, who, by the way, was minding his master, and not asking for any kind of trouble.  Nina is a little bigger than Stella.  When Stella acts too tough for her size, Nina tries to give her a nip to put her in her place, and to tell her to pipe down. We don't need any trouble.  Nina clearly has a grasp on reality. 

Stella has a nice little trick she can do.  She can pull her covers over her head and disappear.  I discovered this, this morning when I went to take  Stella and Nina for a walk.  Stella was no where to be found.  I hadn't opened their enclosed space yet, so I couldn't figure out what had happened to her.  I took a closer look at her bed and saw something moving around.  In a couple of seconds out popped Stella from under her covers, yawing, and wondering what all the fuss was about.  That's a new one on me.  As a pet owner and a pet sitter, I have seen all kinds of funny things our little friends can do.  They definitely keep me laughing and a smile on my face.

If you ever want me, or need me to come walk your poochie woochie for you to give them a mid-day break, I would be happy to do it.  And, as always, I am here for In-Home pet sitting.  Punkie

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shadow Gets Adopted

Let's play with my toy.

Please Not Now.  It's bath time.

Not yet.  I'm not ready.

In my previous post I talked about my client losing one kitty and having to adopt another kitty.  Here is her new kitty.  Her name is Shadow.  It is a good name for her, because she follows you everywhere.  She wants you to sit down so she can jump in your lap and go to sleep, or get a few pets and then jump down.  She is an older kitty, but she still likes to play.

Sassy Is Lost and Found But Won't Come Home

I don't know how this ended up as a draft.  I guess I started to write and got interrupted.  But what I had started to write about was that one of my client's kitty got lost after she moved.  I was going to ask anyone that lived at The Boulders to keep an eye out for her.  She is an all black kitty that goes by the name of Sassy.  I can't show you her picture, because she was a very shy kitty and always hid while I took care of her.  She would only come out a few minutes before I would get ready to leave her.

Sassy was the kitty my client got after Jazzpurr died.  When my client moved she let her out when she was home.  But one night Sassy got a little too curious and ended up in a storm drain.  Since she is so shy, she wouldn't come back out when strangers tried to help her owner.  Finally the Humane Shelter gave my client a cage to try to catch her in.  All she caught was someone else's cat, so she let her go.  Well, after a few weeks of no Sassy, my friend was lonely for a friend.  Her sister encouraged her to go to the Humane Shelter to look for a new kitty.  She found a very good match.  She wasn't trying to replace Jazzpurr, or Sassy, but she got an older kitty that was just right for her.  She loves attention and loves to be held, and purrs and purrs for you.  I am staying with her now.  She never goes outside.  She is very content to stay in someone's lap, instead.

Sassy is not lost anymore.  The managers of the apartment complex have seen her playing with the cat my client caught with the cage.  It turned out that Sassy enjoyed the company of other cats than people.  My client still misses her terribly, but it is hard to catch a ferel cat.  I just hope people are feeding her.  I do wish she would go home, but even if she did go home, she may not get along with the new kitty.  That would be no good for anyone.  There seems to be no good solution to the problem.