Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pre-Holiday Break

It seems like I am only writing about once a month these days.  I do not mean to be so quiet, but I get busy, and forget to write.  I will be unavailable for pet sitting or dog walking until the 16th of this month.  I am going to take a quick trip home to see my family before it gets crazy around here for the holidays. 

This is Braylin. She is one of my new babies to dog walk.  I got a call from her mommy at the last minute to ask if I could walk her on Thanksgiving evening.   I finally got her picture from my phone and put her on here.  I will add her as the newest member of our Poochie Woochie family too.  Isn't she so sweet.  She was the perfect little walking buddy, even though we had never met before I walked into her home.  She was ready to go when I got there, and we had such a nice evening walk together.  Thank you Chelsea. 

I am already booked for a  lot of days right before and after Christmas.  I have two mommies who were willing to share me on conflicting dates.  Both mommies are close clients who have me come to their home since they can't come to me right now.     

Chelsea is a new client that I have not met yet.  She trusted me to come visit her poochie woochie on Thanksgiving evening for a walk.  This is when I feel really good about my clients; when they make a decision about me after reading my web page, and talking to me.  They don't need a lot of fussing with paperwork, and neither do I.  As long as they tell me about their baby and what to expect, I have no problem visiting someone's home on a short notice without meeting them first.  It is all about trust and following your instincts.  I try my best to put my clients at ease when I talk to someone new.  I always have plenty of references if anyone wants to talk to them, but most people can tell that I am trustworthy, and will do what I say I will do.  I have good Karma, and I honestly enjoy serving my clients and their babies.  I think it shows.  So, thank you Chelsea, for trusting me with Braylin.  I enjoyed our walk together, and I did see your kitties dash by like you said I would.  Actually, they stopped to get some pets too.  They were very friendly.  They saw that Braylin trusted me and was happy, so they took their cue from her.  I enjoyed everyone all the way around. 

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season.  It seems a bit too hectic for me.  I am giving seeds from my garden, homemade zucchini bread, and homemade treats for the poochie woochies and kitty cats.  Presents that come from the heart mean the most, don't you agree?  One of my clients made me a beautiful, warm scarf last year.  It is definitely going with me on my trip.  Another client gave me a pair of fingerless gloves a couple of years ago.  They weren't homemade, but I treasure them every time I put them on.  They are wool, and I think of her and her family every time I wear them.  So thank you dear clients for your continued trust and loyalty.  You make me feel appreciated, and I thank you for that.  Sincerely, Punkie and Rosie