Monday, January 21, 2013

A Beautiful Day At The Beach

We did not want to let this beautiful weather we are having get away without a trip to the beach.  We went to Cronkite beach again.  We were lucky to go at a time when it was not as busy as before, because most people were at home watching the 49s beat Atlanta.  We took a radio with us so we could hear it while we enjoyed the waves, the sun, the people, dogs playing, and we got a special treat.  There was a group of 5 or 6 dolphins playing very close to the shore's edge.  I wished we had binoculars to see them up close, because I have never seen dolphins off the shore of CA.  They passed by the whole length of the beach, and then took a course out around the rocks.  It was a wonderful site to see.  It was so nice to watch their rhythm of coming up out of the water and dipping back down below the surface as a group effort.  I wish they would have come closer.  I so wanted to swim out to them and join in their frolicing. 

This time at the beach, Rosie did not get bitten.  Her wound from the last bite has just finished healing.  We watched any dogs who came close and let their owners know we were being cautious and didn't want a repeat of the last trip.  It was a much calmer day, since, like I said, there were fewer dogs, fewer people, and the tide was out a little further this time.  We could walk the whole length of the beach this time.  Last time, the waves were so much higher, making less room for people to play at the water's edge.  We had to keep Rosie from getting in the water as far as she usually likes to splash.  I didn't get in at all.  The waves were just too rough this time.  My friend sat on a log to listen to his game while Rosie and I went off to play and walk.  I found a heart shaped rock to add to my collection.  Rosie ran ahead of me, smiling and jumping, and investigating.  She loves our trips to the beach.  When we got to the farthest edge that we could safely walk to, Rosie started worrying about her daddy.  She loves me, but she worries that her daddy might not be where we left him when we walked away.  He wasn't in sight.  She took off running as fast as she could to get to him, but half way down the beach she started worrying about leaving me behind.  She turned around to run back to me to see if I was ok.  I told her I was, so she turned around again and headed back for her daddy.  When she saw me coming, she ran to me again.  Rosie suffers from separation anxiety.  She wants her mommy and daddy to be together with her, or at least have both of us in sight.  Once she could see both of us again, she was ok with walking along the beach with me again, going the other direction to see what we could find that way.  That is when my friend looked out and saw the dolphins.  What a wonderful end to a beautiful, sunny, warm winter day.  We came home with a very tired, happy puppy dog.