Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Has Been Sailing By

This has been a busy Spring and Summer full of walking poochie woochies, and pet sitting while clients travel.  I didn't realize it had been so long since I had written.  I just introduced 2 of my new cuties to walk. It is a joy to be greeted by them each day I go to their home.  

I am still busy walking Chewy for his owner who is still recovering from an illness.  Chewy is a good boy. He is older, so I walk at his pace.  His little kitty sister, Izzy, loves to try to go for a walk with us.  She knows how to open the screen door, so she will follow us through the bushes so no one will know she is with us. She isn't supposed to be out where they live. That's such a shame, because kitties need fresh air too.

I walk little Max on the weekends.  He loves his walks, and he really loves the pets I give him when we get home before I leave.  He has a kitty brother.  I try to give his brother some pets too.  Max gets jealous and tries to push his brother out of the way and position himself under my hand.  It is so funny.  I tell Max to be nice.  I have enough pets for everyone, and his brother needs some loving too.

I have spent time at one of my new client's homes high on a hill.  The owners were nice enough to invite Rosie to stay over with me.  I didn't take her every night, but she had a good time when I did.  She and Alfred, a dog bigger than she is, had great fun chasing each other, and wrestling until they wore themselves out.  Millie played referee. Then everyone piled into bed with me for a cozy night's sleep, listening to the fountain outside.  Life doesn't get any better than that.

In between all of the pet sitting and dog walking, I am trying to get some exercise by swimming at the Petaluma Swim Center a few times a week.  It really feels good to be weightless in the water and stretch my muscles.  Walking dogs is good exercise, but since they like to stop so many times, it s hard to get any real momentum going.  Being in the water exercises all of your muscles, and it is so relaxing.  I love it.  It is my little bit of "Me Time."  We all need a little of that to keep going.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer.  If you are planning to take a trip any time soon, remember to contact me as soon as possible.  I have already had to turn down several new clients, because they all wanted the same dates in July.  I am trying to find a helper so this won't happen again.

I have to go for now.  It is time to go make Chewy's day.  He loves his walks just as much as anyone else.  I don't want to disappoint him.  

Happy Summer!  Punkie

Meet Marcus and Brutus

Marcus is smaller than Brutus, but he moves fast so that he can keep up.
Brutus loves to carry one of his toys on our walks.  Today's choice was his monkey.

These two little Lhasa Apsos are the sweetest little poochie woochies you could ever meet.  They love their walk with me so much.   Brutus is bigger than Marcus, but Marcus does his best to keep up.   I love my  mid afternoon  walks with them.  They are so happy to see me.  They have gotten used to our little routine.  I appreciate their adoration.  After our walk I make sure they have plenty of water for the afternoon.  Then I give them their pets and talk to them before I leave.  It is so hard to leave.  I'm glad they have each other so they aren't lonely throughout the day.  I'm  glad I will get to see them the next day.  I'm glad their mommy  chose me to walk them.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Visiting Ragle Park In Sebastopol Again

A couple of weeks ago, Rosie and I went to look at a couple of possible places to live where I could board pets again.  We were out in Sebastopol and Forestville.  After we were done checking out these places, I decided we needed a good long walk in our old stomping grounds, Ragle Park.  It had been our playground for 6 years.  It was so nice to see the park again.  We almost had the park to ourselves, except for a ball game going on at one end.  We stayed away from that noise and activity.

We first walked by the little man made pond to see if we could find any tadpoles swimming around.  We were in luck.  We saw all kinds of them, and they were almost big enough to have little legs.  I stayed and watched them swim while Rosie sniffed all the interesting smells around.

We moved on towards the dog park, but we never played in it when we lived in Sebastopol, so we didn't go too close now.  We went to get a drink by the gazebo, and moved on to our favorite bench that we always stopped at after walking up the hill for a little cool rest under the tree.  The tree is no longer there, but it was nice to enjoy the memories of Rosie as a puppy there.  She always dug herself a hole to lay in to cool off her belly in the summer.  We always filled the hole back in before we move on.

It was getting late in the evening,  so we only took a short trail at the top of the park that leads to the Veteran's Memorial at the top of the park.  It was a beautiful walk.  There were all kinds of purple flowers coming up through the grass, and yellow poppies were getting ready to open.  It was such a peaceful scene.  We cut back to the road and went back up the road along where the horse trailers park. When we got close to the entrance of the park again, Rosie flopped on the ground like she always did as a puppy, and round over and over in the soft, sweet smelling grass.  This was one of her favorite things to do  It was nice to see her enjoy doing it again.

I started this post a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't get a chance to finish it.  Sadly, we were not chosen for either place we looked at, but we had a good time at the park, and it felt good to be home, if only for a little while.  I have a new possibility for living back in Sebastopol again.  I plan to pursue this new lead very assertively.  I have a nice woman who sends me leads.  I have already spoken to the man with the property.  Cross your fingers for us, and pray.  I have to keep remembering Phillipians 4:13. That is what keeps me going when a certain doubter in my life tries to make me lose faith in myself.  I only accept people with positive energy and spirits these days.  The world is too full of people who are afraid to take a risk, and live.  

One day, Rosie and I will have a new home where I can garden again, and offer Doggy Day Care, and Dog and Cat Boarding.  It is just a matter of finding the right situation where we will be able to stay for a long time.  We're hoping it happens sooner than later, because my friend wants his space back to himself as soon as possible.  So please keep your eyes and ears open for a new home for us.  Love to all, Punkie and Rosie

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Still Searching For A Permanent Home For Poochie Woochie Pet Sitting Service

Dear Friends, Animal Lovers, Clients, And Anyone Who Can Help,

We are still searching for someone who will give Poochie Woochie Pet Sitting Service a permanent, or at least a Long Term home.

It seems unbelievable, and, I can't believe how fast the time has flown, but Rosie and I lost our home of 6 years back in September of 2010.  A friend was nice enough to take us in, because we both thought it would be a temporary stay for Rosie and I.  However, it has now been 3 1/2 years, and we are still here.  I had no idea how hard it would be to find a permanent home.  Don't get me wrong, I have had a few offers for a place to live, but they were just not quite the right place to pet sit.  On the other hand, I have found that most landlords are afraid of the word pet sitter.  They have had so many irresponsible pet owners who were not even pet sitters that they won't consider talking to me. So I am asking for help in finding a home for Rosie and I so that I can again offer Doggy Day Care, and Dog and Cat Boarding on a very small scale.

If you know anyone who may have an extra cottage for rent, or space in a rather large house, please let the person know that you have a friend who needs a place to live who is a Private Pet Care Provider.  I am not a large kennel.  I only care for one or 2 dogs at a time, and they are under my watch 24 hours a day.  I keep things very clean, and I do not pet sit for any dog that is an excessive barker, or bad behaver.  I take my charges out to a park to run, go for long walks, or we head for the ocean to really stretch their legs.  This causes them to be worn out, so all they do at the house is sleep.

Please let them know that I am a responsible pet owner, and my clients are responsible pet owners, as well.  I will be happy to address all of their questions and concerns.  Please give them my email address; or my telephone number; 650-483-6876.  They can find my telephone number on any one of my posts in the Pet Services section.  We would like to live in the country around Petaluma or Sebastopol, but are willing to look at other locations as long as they are quiet.

Thank you for reading my plea, and please keep your eyes open.  Anyone who needs the extra money may think of a creative way of renting to us.  Love, Punkie

We Love Isabel I Love What I Do

Purry Is Letting Isabel Know She Likes Her By Laying Beside her.

Purry is touching Isabel to let her know she doesn't have to be afraid of her.  Purry is letting Isabel know she wants her for a friend.  It was so cute.  You just had to be there.  Isabel isn't used to being around cats.  She wasn't sure what to think about Purry's gesture.  I was sitting on the bed with Isabel, Purry, and Rosie.  Purry usually is Rosie's shadow, but she was letting Isabel know she was welcome in her circle.  See how Purry has spread her whole paw out to touch Isabel's arm.  She did it so gently.

I can't pet sit where I am staying, but I do let certain dogs come to visit Rosie during the day.  She misses having friends to play with and sleep with.  Along with my Rosie, my friend has 2 cats; Purry, and BK.  Purry is Rosie's shadow.  She is outside right now with  Rosie enjoying the sun before it gets too hot.

A few weeks ago, I was pet sitting for Isabel, one of the sweetest dogs you would ever want to meet.  She has been to visit quite a bit, so Purry and BK have gotten to know and accept her.  Purry checks out any new dog that comes here to make sure they are cat friendly.  She lets them know they better be or she will have something to say about it.  I had to let Purry know right away that she didn't have to worry about Isabel.  Purry watched and followed her, and checked her out just the same to be sure for herself.  You can never be too careful, you know, when you are smaller than your visitor.  Well, here are the results of all of Purry's investigating.  She has decided that Isabel is an ok dog, and touched her to let her know she is part of her little pack.  I was so touched.  Isabel wasn't too sure how to take Purry's gesture, but Purry was so gentle.  She put Isabel at ease and everyone went back to sleep.  I was surprised Purry left her Rosie's side to make this gesture.  Rosie was sitting on the other side of me.  We were all sharing the bed.  Rosie was sound asleep, so I don't think she saw what happened.  She wouldn't have cared much anyway.  Rosie worships Rosie more than Rosie worships Purry.  She does love Purry though.  She just doesn't want Purry to get a big head about it, so she pretends not to notice her most of the time.

As my title stated, I love what I do.  I enjoy watching how Rosie and the cats relate to each other, and I enjoy playing with them and going on walks together.  I enjoy learning all about my clients' pets and their personalities.  They all talk to me in their own way.  I get sat on by big dogs who think they are little, and I get surrounded by everyone wanting their share of pets at the same time.  I laugh at the antics of my charges and how one says to the other it is playtime.  I love seeing the smiles on Rosie's or anyone's face when you can tell they are really happy just to be alive.  I thank you dear folks for your trust in me.  Thank you for letting me enjoy your poochie woochies and kitty cats.  I am happy to be of service to you.

As always, Love to all, Punkie

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Max Is A New Friend To Walk With

Max may have short little legs, but he can move right along like a champion.
He loves to walk.
Max is a new friend to walk with.  He is a handsome little dachshund with unique markings.  He is a joy to walk. He comes running when he hears me open the door.  He can't wait to get his leash on to take me for a walk.  He knows his favorite route, so I walk along with him, letting him take the lead.  After we have had a good half hour walk, Max is ready to go home to get a treat, enjoy a few pets, and then go back to his other favorite activity; taking a nap.

Walking a poochie woochie like Max sure helps me get my exercise.  I look forward to our walks together.

If you have a poochie woochie who needs to get out for some exercise, just let me know.  I would be more than happy to add them to my dog walking schedule.

Love to all, Punkie

Monday, March 24, 2014

New Family To Add To The Poochie Woochie Family

Millie is a sweet 10 years young Springer Spaniel.
 After reading one of my posts on craigslist, the mommy and daddy of these lovely poochie woochies decided I would be the perfect person to watch their babies.  I agreed, of course.  They were tired of having to take Alfred and Millie to the kennel.  Alfred was learning bad habits in the kennel that his parents had paid a lot of money to train him not to do.  They wanted to be able to leave Alfred and Millie home where they would be comfortable and less anxious.  I can tell you for sure that Alfred and Millie enjoyed being home, to run and play, and keep their regular routine going.  They also loved having someone to snuggle up with to watch the fire and sleep with.  I do tend to spoil poochie woochies when I stay with them.  After all, their parents are gone.  I try to make their absence the least stressful as possible.  We kept the routine of the morning, afternoon, and evening walk down the driveway, and around the property line.  Alfred always started the walk by finding a branch to carry as he ran down the drive.  His parents call him a goofball.  He is one big, happy 2 yr. old puppy.  You can't help laughing at his joy he gets from these walks.  He finally puts his branch or pine cone down to turn his attention to one of Millie's ears.  He tugs on it until he can get her to play with him.  She may be smaller, and older, but she sure can pin Alfred to the ground when she wants to.  I think he lets her.   It is all part of their daily game.  They are so much fun to watch.  I feel lucky to be part of their lives for a few days, being part of their pack, being accepted.  It is a win win situation for all of us.  I get to enjoy taking care of them, and they get to stay home where they are safe, happy, and comfortable with each other.  My motto of In Home Pet Care.

I didn't get to see the kitties that live in the house.  They are not dog friendly, but I did get a glimpse of one of them on the way to filling their food dishes for the day.  I wished I could have gotten to pet them, but Alfred scares the kitties.

I enjoyed seeing the fish in the pond, and listening to the canaries.  The canaries could really sing.  They are a pretty peach color.  My camera didn't catch their color very well.

So if you too, would like your pets to be able to stay home, just let me know.  Kennels are just too noisy, and no one talks about the bully dogs.  If your dog is the one who gets picked on every day, their stay in the kennel can be a nightmare.  No one wants that.  Hugs, Punkie
Millie And Alfred are having their morning romp.

Alfred on the driveway for our morning walk.

These are beautiful canaries who sing all day.

These are the rest of the canaries.
Alfred relaxing for a minute.