Monday, March 24, 2014

New Family To Add To The Poochie Woochie Family

Millie is a sweet 10 years young Springer Spaniel.
 After reading one of my posts on craigslist, the mommy and daddy of these lovely poochie woochies decided I would be the perfect person to watch their babies.  I agreed, of course.  They were tired of having to take Alfred and Millie to the kennel.  Alfred was learning bad habits in the kennel that his parents had paid a lot of money to train him not to do.  They wanted to be able to leave Alfred and Millie home where they would be comfortable and less anxious.  I can tell you for sure that Alfred and Millie enjoyed being home, to run and play, and keep their regular routine going.  They also loved having someone to snuggle up with to watch the fire and sleep with.  I do tend to spoil poochie woochies when I stay with them.  After all, their parents are gone.  I try to make their absence the least stressful as possible.  We kept the routine of the morning, afternoon, and evening walk down the driveway, and around the property line.  Alfred always started the walk by finding a branch to carry as he ran down the drive.  His parents call him a goofball.  He is one big, happy 2 yr. old puppy.  You can't help laughing at his joy he gets from these walks.  He finally puts his branch or pine cone down to turn his attention to one of Millie's ears.  He tugs on it until he can get her to play with him.  She may be smaller, and older, but she sure can pin Alfred to the ground when she wants to.  I think he lets her.   It is all part of their daily game.  They are so much fun to watch.  I feel lucky to be part of their lives for a few days, being part of their pack, being accepted.  It is a win win situation for all of us.  I get to enjoy taking care of them, and they get to stay home where they are safe, happy, and comfortable with each other.  My motto of In Home Pet Care.

I didn't get to see the kitties that live in the house.  They are not dog friendly, but I did get a glimpse of one of them on the way to filling their food dishes for the day.  I wished I could have gotten to pet them, but Alfred scares the kitties.

I enjoyed seeing the fish in the pond, and listening to the canaries.  The canaries could really sing.  They are a pretty peach color.  My camera didn't catch their color very well.

So if you too, would like your pets to be able to stay home, just let me know.  Kennels are just too noisy, and no one talks about the bully dogs.  If your dog is the one who gets picked on every day, their stay in the kennel can be a nightmare.  No one wants that.  Hugs, Punkie
Millie And Alfred are having their morning romp.

Alfred on the driveway for our morning walk.

These are beautiful canaries who sing all day.

These are the rest of the canaries.
Alfred relaxing for a minute.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Meet Chewy The Latest Addition To The Poochie Woochie Family

Chewy Is Enjoying The Nice Cool Grass After Our Walk.

Chewy is our newest poochie woochie friend.  He just moved here from Sacramento.  His daddy isn't up to par right now, so he has asked me to give Chewy some good exercise 3 days a week.  I am happy to do this for him.  Chewy is getting up there in years, but he still enjoys a nice walk to "read the newspapers", so to speak.  I read this in a newspaper once, that we humans read a real newspaper to see what is going on in the community.  That's what dogs are doing with all of their stopping and sniffing, and marking, besides going for a walk to stretch their muscles and enjoy the day.  They are reading the newspaper to see who has been in their neighborhood.

Chewy is a wonderful dog.  He has a sister kitty named Izzy.  She likes to be petted a lot.

If you see me out with Chewy, give us a wave, or stop and give Chewy a pet.  We would both like that.

Enjoy this beautiful weather we are having, rain or shine.  Love to all, Punkie

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Isabel And Rosie Enjoyed A Beach Day At Dillon Beach

Isabel Is Resting At My Feet.
Rosie Said,"Take My Picture."

Isabel Is Showing Rosie The Big Stick She Found.

What a beautiful day at the beach we had on Monday.  The sun was out, and barely a cloud in the sky.  The weather was warm, and only a light breeze blowing.  There was no weekend crowd.  We almost had the beach to ourselves.  I took a ball to throw as we walked, because Rosie always drops her frisbees in the water, and we end up losing them. The ball always gets sent back to me with the waves.  We walked a long way down the beach playing chase with the ball before I finally got tired of throwing, and decided we needed a break.  We sat on a low sand dune to rest.  Rosie and Isabel dug holes to cool their bellies off in and laid down in them.  They were beginning to get tired too, but they still wanted their ball thrown for them.  Then Isabel found a stick to play with, but Rosie loves sticks too.  She took off with the stick, with Isabel in pursuit.  She wanted her stick back.  Along the way, other poochie woochies started coming down the beach to say hello.  After everyone said, "How do you do?", the way dogs do, everyone was on their way again.  My friend and I decided we had probably walked far enough down the beach, so we turned around to go back to where we started.  There was more running and chasing, ball throwing, and stick throwing.  Once we got close to the cars again, we stopped to just enjoy the beauty of the day.  We knew rain was on the way today, so we wanted the dogs to have as much fun as possible before they had to be stuck inside while it rained.  They played with all of the other dogs while we rested.  A joyous day was had by all.  Just an FYI; It costs $8.00 to get into Dillon Beach Now.  Love to all.  Punkie
Isabel said, "Come Back Here With My Stick."  She didn't know how much Rosie Loves sticks.

Isabel Is Ready To Stop 
The Ball.

Isabel Caught The Little Stick I Threw.  Rosie Later Broke It In Two.

New Dogs Came To Say, "Hello."

Isabel Is Still After Her Stick.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Isabel Is A New Poochie Woochie Friend

Isabel Sticking Out Her Tongue

Isabel and Rosie Going On Our Country Walk

Isabel Enjoying The Sun
This is my first time to pet sit for Isabel.  Her mommy and daddy are Julie and David.  She is a very sweet poochie woochie.  Her owners didn't want to take her back to the kennel they had taken her to before.  Some dogs do not like being surrounded by a whole pack of noisy dogs.  They are sensitive, and don't want to have to deal with the more aggressive dogs they have to be with while their owners are away.  They enjoy going for walks, going to the beach, getting personal attention, and getting to stay home to sleep in their own bed for a quiet night's rest.  That is exactly what I provide the pets I watch; lots of pets, exercise, and the safe environment of their own home.

Isabel doesn't have a yard to play in, so I brought her here to the country so she could stretch her legs, and enjoy the fresh country air, quiet countryside, and sunshine.  She and Rosie have enjoyed each other's company, and she even got to touch noses with Purry, one of our kitty cats.  You couldn't ask for a sweeter dog.  

Monday, February 17, 2014

Posting On Craigslist And What Is Happening In Marketing

I started pet sitting in 2007.  I learned about advertising my service as I went. At first you could post your ad on Craigslist in the pets section under Community.  Then Craigslist made a pets section under Services, so all pet sitters had to switch their posts to that section or get flagged off.  Now, sometimes my posts get flagged off before anyone can see them.  Don't ask me why.  There is no rhyme or reason to it.  I checked the other day and most of my posts from previous days had all been taken off.  Most of the time when I post, I put up more than one ad, because I don't know when or if craigslist will post my ad.  I posted yesterday around 7:00 a.m., and the post didn't show up until I posted a second time an hour and a half later.  Then both posts went up at once. Like I said, nothing makes sense.  Also, I used to be able to post in color, but craigslist took that option away a few days ago.  Now all of my posts are in black.  They won't let you post an email like  They say they want to eliminate phishing schemes, so they make you take your email down, or you can do what I do, which is to write, and then in parentheses tell people to change the AT to the @symbol.  I'm sure people can figure it out, but just in case, I add it.  They also will no longer allow links to be clicked on.  If you write a link in your post, a person now has to copy and paste it into the browser bar to go where you want them to see your site.

Marketing people are out to bleed a person with a business dry now if they want to be on the internet.  Craigslist hasn't started charging for all of people's posts yet, but G, and Y, and everyone else has.  If  you want to put your listing on any number of the hundreds of portals out there now, you have to pay so much a month, or you will not be seen.  And you have to pay dearly if you want to be number one at the top of the page.  I am a small potatoes pet sitter.  I don't own my own property to build a fancy facility, and add all sorts of fancy equipment for dogs to play on, and add webcams all around.  I am not going to pay to have people put up a review about me that maybe no one will ever see.  I guess I am a dinosaur in the internet world. I write the comments people write to me about how they feel about me after I pet sit for them on my website.  I don't bother them with requests to take time out of their busy lives to go to some website, and figure out how to make an account and sign in just to go say something nice about me.  They can say it to my face much easier.  So if you are planning on being a pet sitter or are planning to go into any other business, you need a lot of money to get started, because the competition is horrendous, and the people with the most money are the ones who are going to be on top on the internet.  But none of this matters to me.  I know I am good at loving the pets I am privileged to care for, and I will continue to be here for the people who believe in me, and don't want their pets in the big kennels.  There is something to be said for having a loving person come to your quiet home and give all of her attention to your pet, not your pet, and 30 other people's pets.  Your pets will thank you for letting them stay home, and not have to worry about a strange dog bullying them, which happens every day.  No one wants to talk about this aspect of the kennel world.  There are too many dogs in too small of an area.  The pack mentality is always there.  My dog has been the victim of the pack mentality.  Never again.
Love to all, Punkie and Rosie

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Yippee! Spring Is Closer And Closer, And...Rosie Doesn't Need Her Teeth Cleaned. Product To Share

Happy Sunny Sunday to you all.  Our little spit of rain last night was almost enough to get things wet.  There is more to come later this week, or so it is predicted.  We got enough rain on the hills around here so that they are finally trying to turn green, and the grass lower down really is green again.  I have been praying and praying for the rain for my friend's landlord and his cows. Now we got it.  Praise the Lord.  It got all of the dust out of the air, it is helping my potatoes and flowers grow, and everything is sprouting up again, wild as ever.  Spring is springing.  And, have you noticed?  It is staying light until after 6:00 P.M. now.  We are on the way to summer and gardening time again.  And, of course, more time to go for evening walks, and staying later at the beach.

My other news is that Rosie went to the vet the other day and came home without an estimate for getting her teeth cleaned.  The vet sold my friend something else, instead, that she said will help keep Rosie's teeth in shape.  He bought it, and Rosie loves them.  I always want to feed Rosie those Greenie toothbrush treats, but I can't afford over $30 a bag for 17 treats. I buy her one when I go to Petsmart, though.   My friend paid $33 for 30 treats that are pretty big strips for Rosie to chew on.  The vet said there is an enzyme in the treat that will keep her from growing so much plaque and tartar, but on the bag, it also says you should still be brushing your dog's teeth, in not so many words.  And, if your dog swallows the treat without chewing it up, it won't do any good.  My friend paid for the treats, but also asked if he could get them anywhere any cheaper.  The vet said yes, but make sure only to buy the ones that have the same ingredients in it. Virbac Animal Health, C.E.T. HEXtra.  We found them in this catalogue we get called, Doctors Foster and Smith Veterinarian-Approved Products At Everyday Low Prices.  The chews cost half the price as at the vet's office, and the shipping wasn't too bad, but if you have other things you need to buy, and you go over $49, you can have free shipping, unless you are buying something heavy.  Then you have to pay.

Ok.  That is the news for the moment.  Rosie is whining, because I let it slip that we are going to the park, so I have got to scidaddle before her whining turns into howls.  It is FRISBEE TIME.  Love to all.  Punkie

Monday, February 10, 2014

Pet Sitters Who Say They Are Loved By Yelp. Why Care About Yelp?

I keep an eye on my competitors' posts on craigslist.  One of my ads just got flagged before it even went up. Yet, there is a woman who actually posted her dog walking service 23 times on one page, and no one has flagged her off. Although, every once in awhile, someone puts a post up saying not to trust her with your dog, because she drives around drunk with your dog in the back of her truck.  I don't know if this is true or not, but someone is out to get her since she posts so often.

The pet sitting business is very competitive, especially since the mortgage debacle.  Everyone and their brother or sister has decided it would be easy money to become a pet sitter while holding down two or 3 other part time jobs. They have no idea what they are getting into.

Then we have places like YELP.  People post in their ads that they are loved by Yelp!  The pet sitter, or whoever has a business has to pay to see what people are saying about them on the yelp site.  I don't care what people say about me there, if they ever do.  Yelp holds business people hostage, and make them think they will not get any business if they do not use their service.  I believe people can tell me to my face what they think of my service, or just not use me again if I did something wrong.  But people think if they use the word Yelp in their post it gives them more influence over clients.  A client is supposed to immediately think the person who name dropped must be a real professional who will do a good job taking care of their baby. I say bah humbug.  Yelp makes people join their site to write about companies. But I read one woman's review about a restaurant that she had never even eaten in and yelp left it up.  Anyone can say whatever they want about you.  Yelp, I believe, is being sued for allowing this practice to continue.  I trust my clients to have a brain of their own, and don't need to read reviews to see what kind of pet sitter I am.  They can ask for my references or just talk to me.  Your own instinct is better than anything you will find on review sites.

I have been in business since 2007.  I had cards and magnets made at that time that I give to my clients.  On the card and the magnet it says, we will keep your pets, "Safe, Happy, and Comfortable" at home.  It is still my motto and I stand by it every day.  Safety is my first priority for your home and your pets.  I also do everything I can to make them comfortable and happy while you are away.  I know they miss you, but I try to take their minds off of you being away.  I take them for long walks, or play in the park, or go to the beach, with your permission.  I keep them happy and tired so they sleep alot while you are gone. Before they know it, you are home again.  That is my goal and you can count on me doing my best for you.  Love to all, Punkie