Monday, March 29, 2010

Feed The Fish

I added this cute fish game to my page.  Click anywhere on the fish pond and food will appear for the fish.  Feed them a lot.  They are very hungry.

Our New Poochie Woochie Friend

We have a new Poochie Woochie friend.  Her name is Amber.  She is a sweet little Cockapoo. 

Yesterday we went down to a field we like in Petaluma where dogs go to play off leash in the grass.  Amber enjoyed chasing balls and frisbees with Rosie and the other Poochies that were there.  We got to watch a Petaluma K-9 play with his partner.  You should see that big Poochie Woochie run.  I thought Rosie could run fast, but she is slow compared to that German Shepherd.  Then we met a German Shepherd puppy that wanted to play too.  He was only 16 weeks old and already weighed 40 lbs.  What a pup!  He was very playful. 

After an afternoon of running and fresh air, Rosie and Amber came home and fell fast asleep.  I had to wake them up to eat dinner.  What a beautiful day it was!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Off To Dillon Beach

Monday was a great day.  I took Rosie and Neo out to Dillon Beach for a day of running, and frisbee, splashing in the water, and playing chase with all of the other dogs out there.  I love to watch them all play together.  Tongues are hanging out, mouths are smiling, everyone gets covered in sand.  You see some dogs digging holes, others playing fetch with balls.  Rosie loves her frisbee.  I hope to get a better picture of her next time, but here she is coming down from a high jump after catching one.  There is just nothing better than a day at the beach to get Poochie Woochies the kind of exercise they need and want.  It is always good for us pet owners as well.  Monday was a glorious day full of sunshine, no heavy wind, just right temperature, and not too crowded.  Give me a call if you ever want your Poochie Woochie to go with us one day.  Happy Spring Everyone!