Monday, May 31, 2010

Gopher Working

I finally captured a gopher with my camera.  I actually got some video of him too.  Gophers are funny little creatures.  They are mostly a menace to any gardener, but they are amuzing to watch too.  After they steal any vegetation from the top of the ground, they then push all the dirt that fell down into their hole back up to the surface and close their hole at the top.  They like to keep their tunnels dirt free, and by closing the hole it keeps any other creatures from infiltrating their tunnels. 

The poochie woochies that visit out here love to dig for gophers.  You can always tell who has a good nose, because they dig the deepest holes trying to find the gophers.  It is good exercise for sure, but so far, no poochie woochie has ever caught a gopher out here.

Let's Rumble

Little Griffin weighs 22 lbs. and my Rosie weighs almost 80 lbs.  Griffin loves to play.  He doesn't care how big Rosie is.  He was with us for over a week. Griffen was ready to rumble every morning.  He would let Rosie get her eyes open and say good morning to me, and then he would say, "Let's Play!"  It was so cute.  He would stand on his hind legs and put his paws across Rosie's back.  If that didn't get a response he would tug on her ear. If that didn't work, he would pull on her chest hairs.  It was so funny to watch, because he was so small against Rosie, but all he cared about was that she was there to play with him.   Rosie was always willing to oblige Griffin.  She loves to play too.  I love that other poochie woochies can see that Rosie is a gentle girl.  They don't let her size bother them.  She is my big baby.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meet "Grinny"

Griffin is staying with us this week.  His mom and dad nicknamed him "Grinny", because he is happy all of the time.  He is bursting with energy and ready to play at a moment's notice.  I caught his smile.  He is happy to have a new bone to play with.  Yesterday we enjoyed a nice long walk through the back trail of Ragel Park.  Grinny's dad said Grinny had so much fun while he was here the last time he just had to bring him back again.  This is a perfect place for high energy poochie woochies, because they get plenty of exercise on the trails, and wrestling with Rosie.  Rosie and Grinny have been chasing each other up and down the stairs, and wrestling.  I love to watch them.  Ah, to be young and playful.  They are so lucky.  They keep me young and moving.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rosie's New Sweater

The other day I was at a yard sale.  I saw a woman pick a sweater up and say she could make something for someone out of the sweater.  She asked how much it was, and was told that it cost $1.  She put the sweater down.  I went to look at it.  It was perfect colors for Rosie.  I have never bought a sweater for Rosie before, but I could see this one on her.  I brought it home and put it on her.  I could tell she liked it.  I will have to make a few changes, but I let her wear it that evening when we went on a walk.  It may not look like it in this picture, but she is proud of her  new sweater.   I tried to take it off of her after her walk that evening, but she wouldn't let me take it off.  She wanted to leave it on until bedtime.

Angelo and Citrus Visit For Awhile

Meet Citrus and Angelo.  These 2 loving boys came to stay for a few weeks while their parents were preparing the homestead for sale.  All involved thought the boys would be safer at my house while all of the action was happening so they wouldn't be stressed out by  the workers coming and going.  It sure was nice to have the kitties in the house.  There's nothing more satisfying than having a content kitty purring in my lap.

Banjo Gets A New Brother

Banjo is a little Chihuahua friend.  A few months ago he got a new brother.  His name is Snack.  They have fun playing tug of war together.  Here is Banjo playing King of the garden.  Snack is taking a break from digging for gophers.  I really enjoyed their visit as much as they did.  My Rosie is a little too big to sit in my lap.  I got to hold Snack and Banjo and brush them.  It put smiles on their faces and mine.