Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome Petaluma Clients To Poochie Woochie Pet Sitting Service

Hello Petaluma,

Let me introduce myself.  I have been a pet sitter full time since the fall of 2007.  I have raised my own poochie woochies and kitty cats all of my life.   I can't remember a time when I haven't had a poochie woochie by my side to walk with, or a kitty sitting in my lap.  I love animals as much as they love me.  I have a special bond with them.  They love my touch, and I love their kisses.

I have primarily been working in Sebastopol, because that is where I lived for 6 years.  I am in the Petaluma area now, because my landlord sold the house  I was renting.   I can now serve clients here, as well as my clients in Sebastopol. I am staying with a friend so I cannot board any poochie woochies like I did before.  Hopefully, when I find a new home, I will be able to do that again.  In the meantime, I am available to pet sit in your homes for daily visits or overnight stays.  I can walk your poochie woochies too.  Contact me through my email at, or look on my website for my telephone number.  I am available 7 days a week, and have reasonable rates.  I look forward to adding Petaluma clients to my pet sitting family.  I have excellent references.  See you soon.  Punkie