Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cronkite Beach "Also Known As Rodeo Beach" Day

Last week while we were having such beautiful weather, I thought it would be a great time for a beach day. My friend agreed, and so did Rosie. We were going to go to Dillon Beach, because dogs can run free there, but we were headed in the opposite direction to run an errand first, so we decided to visit a different beach that we hadn't been to in years.

It is Cronkite Beach, officially known as Rodeo Beach.  It is free to park, and dogs can run free there too. It is just before you get to the Golden Gate Bridge. You can watch the ships going in and out of the bay, listen to a fog horn, and play on homemade teeter totters people have made out of the drift wood. We took a blanket to lay on, a few treats to keep hunger away, because we know once we get there we don't want to go home any time soon, and then we just relax and let all of our cares and worries melt away.

Rosie had fun exploring, running, meeting new poochie woochies, and climbing on the cliffs and rocks. I enjoyed sitting on the rocks just out of reach of the waves. It is fun to watch them come up close, but not get soaking wet. We found a couple of heart shaped rocks to add to the rock collection, played frisbee, and stick, and walked along the beach in the waves. Rosie went with me to the far end of the beach, but when we turned around she deserted me to run all the way back to her daddy. She wanted to make sure he was still there. She couldn't see him from where we were. I wasn't worried. I knew where she was headed. She adores her daddy, and he doesn't come to the beach with us very often, so she wanted to stay close to him.

It was the perfect beach day, not too breezy, or too cold. So if you get tired of going to the beaches up here, Cronkite Beach is a great alternative if you don't mind a little drive.