Sunday, March 20, 2011

Do You Wonder What To Use To Clean Up Pet Stains?

I was recently watching a show that featured a veterinarian.  He was asked what he recommended for pet stains and flea treatment.  I can't remember what he said about the flea treatment, but he did say it was a pill which was better than making a big mess all over your pet's back.  If I can ever remember what it was called, I will let you know. 

The two products the vet mentioned for pet stain removal are called "Eewww", and "Safe Paws".  I haven't used either one yet, but I want to try them, because I usually use Nature's Wonder, but it doesn't seem to work as well as it used to, or maybe I am not using it properly anymore.  At any rate, if you aren't satisfied with whatever product you have been using, try one of these 2 mentioned above.  I hope they work for you.  Good Luck, Punkie

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Special Thank You I Received And Will Always Cherish

I mentioned in late summer that I had lost my first poochie woochie friend.  During the Christmas season I was really missing her, so I knew that her owners must be feeling even more sad than I was, because this  would be their first Christmas without their baby.  I wrote to the owners to let them know I felt their pain.  I wanted them to know I missed their baby as much as they did.  She was a special poochie woochie.  I received a Christmas card back with a message I wasn't expecting, but I appreciated so much.  It is the same message I receive from one client after another.  It proved to me that I am on the right track, that I chose the right way to serve people since I could no longer be a teacher.  Here is an excerpt from the card, "Dear Georgia and  provide such a wonderful service to all who need your help during this time of the year and all year through.  We always felt Callie was in such good hands and loving hands.  We never worried about her when we left her with you.  Thank you so much for all the years of service and love you provided for us and Callie.  Callie was so lucky to have you and Rosie for her buddies....  Susan and Gib

When I first started watching Callie, I spent the night with her at her home.  I loved it there, because her owners had a beautiful home, a beautiful flower garden, and a beautiful view of Mount Saint Helena.  Eventually, I started boarding at my home, so Callie came to stay with me there.  This picture of her is when she greeted me the minute I pulled into the driveway.  She was always ready to climb into my car.  I would let her in, and then go get the things I needed for her stay with Rosie and I.  She was the best poochie woochie anyone could ask for.  We all miss you so.