Friday, July 29, 2011

Good News For Sassy

In my last post, I was very sad about the passing of Jazzpurr.  I still miss him and still feel sad that he is gone.  I always will, but time and life marches on.  My clients mourned for Jazzpurr too, but as time went on, the house felt so empty without him.  After all, he had been their baby for so many years.  They went looking for a new kitty to love, and found Sassy in Rohnert Park.  She had been living in a cage for most of her life, waiting for the right parents to take her home and love her, and let her into their hearts.  I have already spent the night with her one weekend.  She is still a little shy, and is still getting used to having so much room to run around in and discover every nook and cranny, and all of the best hiding places.  She is a very sweet little girl.  I  don't have her picture yet.  I will post it when I do.  Her parents tried to send me one, but she was just a blur as she ran by just as the camera clicked.  Kitties are always hard to catch a snapshot of.  They are always playing and chasing each other.  You almost have to wait for them to go to sleep before you can take their picture, but then you can't see their eyes.  Such a dilemma.

I am happy for my clients.  We are still sharing our memories of Jazzpurr, but now we have Sassy's antics to discuss too.  A new kitten in the house keeps life interesting, for sure.  Congratulations to Sassy and her new parents for finding each other.  I am thankful that they did, because some people are so sad about losing their baby that they vow to never have another one.  They say the pain is too hard to think about having to go through it again.  I say that too, but then I remember all the joy my baby gave me while we were together.  I know a new baby can bring joy back into my life again, and help ease the pain of losing my last baby.  I'm glad other people have the same view on this subject, because there are just too many lonely kittens, puppies, and older pets too that are waiting for someone to love them.

So, when you lose one of your babies, take all the time you need to mourn their passing.  Then take all of the time you need to find the right match for you and love your new baby with all of your heart.  You need each other.