Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012 And An Update About My Housing Situation

I hope everyone had happy holidays and the new year is starting out right for you.  All of this sun we have had the last month has been nice for me.  Not so many muddy paws to wipe at one time.  I wanted to invent those boots for poochie woochies to keep their paws nice and clean, but I saw that someone had already invented them.  I'm just not sure anyone one has a size large enough for my Rosie's paws.  I'm not sure she would ever wear the boots anyway.  I would like to find out though.

I am still staying at my friend's house.  It has been over a year now.  For awhile, I had to stay to fully recover from surgery.  Now I am still here for several reasons.  Rosie loves her daddy, so it breaks my heart to think of taking her away to a new home.  They could still see each other, but it wouldn't be the same.  Then, there are the two kittens I found on craigslist for my friend to replace his old kitties that died in 2010.  They are the sweetest kitties you could ever hope to own.  Little Girl is laying beside me now letting me pet her while she naps.  I would hate to be away from them, and I know they would miss me just as much.  But the main reason I am still here is that it is hard to find a landlord who will rent to me once I disclose that I am a pet sitter and would like to be able to board pets in my home. 

The words "pet sitter" bring up all sorts of negative connotations like dog poop everywhere, or damaged floors and carpets, and urine smell from cats, or holes dug in the yard.  It is hard to convince landlords that all of those negative things are not the fault of the pets, but the fault of irresponsible pet owners who haven't  trained their babies properly on where to go to the bathroom.  They don't take their poochie woochies out for proper exercise so they don't get into so much mischief while they are away.  It is a sad, sad situation for  my clients who loved to board their pets with me.  I keep trying to find a landlord who will talk to me about their concerns so that I can assure them that these negative things do not go on in my home, but so far no one is willing to talk to me at all.  

Until I find a home where I can board your babies again I am still available to pet sit in your home.  That is truly the best place for your baby.  It has always been my motto to keep your babies "Safe, Happy, and Comfortable at home."  Although, coming to my house is an adventure too.  Poochie Woochies do like a change of pace too.  While you have your vacation, they have theirs with me, going for walks, smelling new smells, playing with Rosie and making new friends.  So, give me a call or email me and I will get you on my calendar.  Check out our photo pages to see all of my poochie woochie and kity cat friends.  You babies and home will be well cared for while you are away.  I am going to post 2 of my references on the Client Comments page from 2 long time clients.

Please keep praying for a pet friendly landlord who understands  that not all pet owners are irresponsible. 

I hope you all have a wonderful 2012.  Punkie