Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I was watching Jeopardy tonight and I was surprised that when Alex asked a question, and the answer was The Rainbow Bridge Poem, not one of the contestants knew the answer.  I said to myself that none of them had ever had a pet, but, until someone sent me the poem after my poor Poopee died, I had never heard of it before either.  So, if you ever have a friend who loses their beloved pet, here is a link to the poem.  You can send the poem to your friend right from this link.  I pray that you don't have to send this poem very often, but it did help to receive it when my puppy dog died.  It wasn't so much, the poem, itself, as it was that someone took the time to send it to me while I was grieving.  I knew they understood my grief.  Not everyone understands that our 4 legged babies are our children just as much as anyone's 2 legged children are their babies too.  When they die, we grieve just as much for them as someone grieves for any other lost family member.  So, I really appreciated the gesture.  Punkie

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Living in the country has its rewards, but sometimes it is heart breaking.  I love kitties and poochie woochies so much.  It breaks my heart when I see a kitty running wild on this ranch we are on.  I know it means that someone has brought their kitty out here to dump off for whatever reason. 

We have one such kitty hanging around our place right now.  We named her BK, because she lives in the barn to stay out of the cold, so she is a Barn Kitty.  We wish we could let her stay inside with us, but we have my friend's kitties to think about.  We are going to take the kitty to the vet to get her checked out, and get her some shots, and whatever else the vet thinks she might need.  I would also love to find her a home.

She is so sweet.  She is starved for loving and just wants to sit in a lap for all the pets she can get.  She knows how to kill a mouse, and, unfortunately, birds too.

If anyone knows a really caring and loving person who needs someone to love, please let me know.  We won't take her to a shelter.  We can't stand the thought of her being put down.  She stays warm in the barn, and lays in the sun during the day.  We feed her and give her all the loving we can, but this little trailer just can't take another pet.  BK isn't too afraid of dogs, so she must have grown up around one, and she lived inside before, because she sits at our door, begging to be let in.

We're not sure how old she is.  Hopefully, the vet will be able to give us an estimate.  Stay tuned.  Punkie


Hello, my furry friend parents,

Though we have hardly had a Winter, it is time to think about Spring, and taking a break from life for a little while to refresh your spirits, and take a respite from all of your responsibilities. 

As always, once you decide where you want to take off to, and for how long, I will be here to serve you and your babies.  You know you don't have to clean the house up for me, or make any special sleeping arrangements, or stock the kitchen.  I don't care what the house looks like, I usually eat at home, and  I sleep on the couch, usually, with a poochie woochie tucked behind my legs, or a kitty cat purring on my chest.  We all fall asleep together to some movie on the television.  I am an easy caregiver to have around.  I take care of your babies' needs, the household needs like trash, mail, and watering, and enjoy playing with your babies while you are away.  They are my extended family.

I know times are tough for all of us, but we all need a break, whether you go to someplace far away, or just for a day or two to a friend's house.  You know you don't have to worry about your poochie woochies or kitty cats, or your home.  They will all be well cared for by me.  So make some plans and give me a call.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.  Punkie