Thursday, April 5, 2012

Update on BK

We still have BK with us.  She lives outside most of the time, but comes inside when she wants pets.  We pet her outside too.  She has made friends with Little Girl, Purry, and Rosie.  We haven't had the heart to look very hard for a home for her.  She seems to be doing well out here.  I would hate to think I would give her to someone and they would get rid of her too, for whatever reason.  She has a nice snuggly bed on the back porch, and sometimes she sleeps other places.  It still boggles the mind how anyone could dump a cat that is obviously not a kitten, has been well taken care of at one time, and isn't afraid of dogs, so you know she was raised around them.  If ever lose a kitty and want a lovely girl who will sit in your lap and let you give her all the pets you want, let us know, and tell us about your situation.  We may consider letting her go to a new home.  But for now, we enjoy her, except for the mice she brings to us as gifts.  We don't want to hurt her feelings though, so we get rid of them when she isn't looking.  Punkie

Maggie And Clara Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

After just writing about the poem, The Rainbow Bridge, last month, I am sad to report that two babies that belonged to Deb and Cyndy in Sebastopol, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Maggie was a wonderful old poochie woochie who loved to play with her Jolly Ball.  She loved to play soccer, and was very good at it.   She made me laugh so much.  She was a good blocker, and could move the ball down the driveway at her house pretty fast.  Clara was a black kitty that had sensitive skin.  She couldn't enjoy being petted anywhere, except on the top of her head, because it hurt her.  She purred so nice when she got those pets though.  I could tell she appreciated being touched.  She loved to lay in the sun.  Now, Audrey, who is another kitty, is all alone, missing her poochie woochie and kitty cat friends.  She goes from room to room searching for her companions.  My heart goes out to Deb and Cyndy.  They loved their babies so much.  It hurts them to not be able to explain where Maggie and Clara disappeared to.  I know they will do their best to try to console Audrey.  Farewell to Maggie and Clara.  We will see you on the other side.