Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Knee Surgery Hasn't Kept Me From Pet Sitting

It has been 4 weeks, today, since I had my knee replacement surgery.  Everything went very well.  My knee still hurts, but not as much as it used to.  I still ice it, but, also, not as much as I used to.  It is amazing what can be done for people with arthritis these days.  I'm not sure how long recovery takes, but I was up and walking on my leg the second day.  I am going back to pet sitting this weekend.  I can't walk a dog yet, holding onto the leash, but if I just need to spend the night and it is for kitties, or a poochie woochie has a big yard to play in, so it doesn't need to go for a walk on a leash, I can do that.  So I will be staying with Leo, Charcoal, Minky, and Harry Potter this weekend, and Shadow, next weekend.  It will feel good to be able to be back with my poochie woochie and kitty cat friends.  I can't walk my own poochie woochie, Rosie, yet, but we walk down to the mailbox together.  She loves being loose.  We practice her heel, sit, and stay commands while we are at it.  You can never practice those enough, especial when your poochie woochie is off leash.  I would never let Rosie, or any other poochie woochie off leash on the regular road, but on our lane that Rosie knows so well, I do.  She is going to be upset when I have to leave her home to go walk down the road by myself to get my knee stronger.  I can't take her off leash, and I can't take her on leash yet.  She is a pretty big puppy dog.  I can't take any chances with my new knee.

Thanks to Janis, Penny, Deb, and Cyndy for the well wishes for a quick recovery.  I appreciated those so much.  Keep those wishes for a speedy recovery coming.  The drs. say I am recovering faster than most people do.  They are really helping.

Love to all of you and your babies.  Punkie