Monday, July 16, 2012

Finally,A Picture Of Sassy, The Wayward Kitty, And One Of Shadow Too

I have reported on the Saga of Sassy, who one of my clients adopted, then had to move, so Sassy got lost while out playing at the new place, and then, the more people tried to help her get out of a storage drain she fell down, the further she ran away until she wouldn't come home.  My client was so distraught about losing her kitty, but her sister made her go get a new kitty.  Sassy stayed on the property to live as a feral cat with another cat she met for a couple of months, but one day, Sassy got tired of living outdoors and decided to return home where she had it made.  The problem was, she wasn't expected that she had been replaced.  Now the two kitties have to learn to get along, and they both love my client so much.  She loves them back too.  She is so happy to see her little Sassy again.  I am happy for her too. Sassy is such a gentle little girl.  I am glad the story had a happy ending.  Now Sassy and Shadow will not be alone all day while their mistress is away.  I think, in time, they will learn to get along with each other. 

This first picture is of Shadow.  She was sleeping so soundly in the sun.  I just had to take her picture too.

It was hard to get Sassy to sit still long enough to catch her good.  She is wanting the crumpled piece of paper I am about to throw for her.  She's so sweet.  Now I hope she has learned her lesson and will stay home from now on.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Removing Cat Urine Stains From Carpet

You know I like to pass along good tips and anything else that might help you as pet owners.  I was looking for something on youtube the other day, and came across a video about removing different kinds of stains from carpeting.  This particular video dealt with removing cat urine stains from carpeting.  You have to do this as soon as possible, of course, before the stain sets in and dries up, but even then, maybe if you got the carpet wet and tried this technique, it might remove some of the stain. 

You sprinkle corn starch on the stain and let it sit until it turns yellow and crusty.  When it does this, it means the cat urine has been soaked up into the corn starch.  Then you vacuum up the corn starch.  Hopefully, your stain will be gone.  This is a good tip to use that won't cost much money.  You won't have to go buy some commercial product that may  or may not work.  Try it next time your kitty pees where she or he is not supposed to.

Also, if they keep doing this, they may have a problem, so you may want to take them to the vet.  One of my kitties had kidney stones, so she couldn't get into the kitty litter box to go to the bathroom.  She kept peeing in the corner of different rooms.  We had to switch her to a special diet cat food for kidney stones.  The vet said tha most cats who get kidney stones are boys, but my kitty was a girl.  Poor thing.    Love to all, Punkie