Friday, August 17, 2012

Greenies Pill Pockets

Flash having to take pills for pain and anxiety, and antibiotics for his infection, reminded me of an easy way to get pills down a dog or a cat.  I first learned of Greenies Pill Poppers while watching a Great Dane.  She had to take a lot of pills for a skin condition.  Her owners had left the pill poppers for me to give their dog all of her pills.  I had never heard of them before.  The look like tiny little cups with no handle.  You put the pill you are going to give your pet in the middle of the cup, and squeeze it shut.  Then offer it to your pet.  They take it gladly, and down the hatch goes the pill without any fuss.  No more trying to pry your cat or dog's mouth open to get the pill down, only to find out they spit it back at you, try hiding the pill in their food, but they eat everything but the pill.  We have all had our frustrations with trying to give medications to our little friends.  Try the pill poppers to save yourself from so much grief and frustration.  You can buy Greenies Pill Pockets at any vet store.  Remember that there is one size for cats, and another size for dogs.  Keep some on hand.  You never know when you are going to need them.  Good luck.  Punkie

Summer Has Flown By Here Is An Update

It has been a busy Summer.  I have been walking Nina and Stella just about every week for a midday walk.  They have  loved to get out to sniff at their favorite places, and to get pets from everyone who sees them.  They get treats too from a lady next door.  I love walking "The Girls."  They are so happy to see me.  I get to see their kitty cat friends too.  There is Minxy, Mister, Kitten, and Eva.  All are happy to get a pet while I am there.

Then, I pet sat for Flash while his family was away for their summer trip.  We were having a good week until Flash had an accident at the beach.  He was running in the water, and landed on his knee wrong, somehow.  I had turned my head the other way for one second, and when I turned it back in Flash's direction, he was limping on 3 legs.  I ran to see what was wrong, but I couldn't see anything.  I thought maybe he had just pulled a muscle.  That was the end of our Beach Day.  I had to get Flash home and call his family to let them know I thought something was wrong with Flash.  It turned out that Flash had torn a ligament behind his knee.  He had to have a pretty expensive surgery to fix his knee.  I was so worried about Flash, and felt so bad for him.  He loves to run so much.  The vet said there wasn't anything anyone could have done to prevent this type of injury.  It happens quite often to older dogs who are very athletic.  They just come down wrong on the knee.  Flash's people told me that this type of injury happens to at least 1/3 of this breed of dog.  He may blow his other knee out at some point.  In the meantime, Flash is in for a long recovery.  He has to stay housebound for 6 to 12 weeks, and he can't go running again for 6 months.  I was staying with Flash after his surgery for a few days, because Flash hated his hood that he has to wear, and he is good at getting out of it.  That is not good, because Flash doesn't like his staples either, so he was having to be watched around the clock so that he wouldn't pull them out.  Flash finally had to have a cast put on his leg, because he got an infection.  How he has even more pills to take.  Poor Flash's summer didn't have a happy ending, but by fall, he will out walking again.  He gets around on 3 legs just fine, but he isn't supposed to put the 4th leg down and try to run.  He is frustrated, but he gets lots of hugs and kisses from his family.  They love Flash so much.  I love you too, Flash.  Get well soon.  Punkie